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Arctic Dolphin In USA Vape Shows
Create Time:2016-03-29    Source: Arctic dolphin Digital Ltd

     Arctic Dolphin, CEO Danny Tan and Marketing Director Wendy Huang Had a long business trip in USA for nearly 2 months, they took the newest mods, Arctic dolphin ADT210, Adonis Stabilized Wood, ADT-80Mini, 50W Temp control tube mod to the biggest vaping markets, like California, Florida, paid so many visits on hundreds of vape shops, and they also joined in four vapes show, like Driplomats Expo, Tabocco Plus Expo, there was a big success for Arctic Dolphin, not only for the sales performance,  but also for the brand influence, until now we already got a lot of preorders from our customers, we think and believe that there will be a unexpect wonderful future for Arctic dolphin. 

     There are some pictures for showing good views. Welcome for orders of ADT210 Stocks and preorders of Adonis.