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Made In China, Advertised by Foreign Trader!
Create Time:2015-09-15    Source: Arctic dolphin Digital Ltd

        Arctic Dolphin team participated in the training of alibaba foreign trade experience for a period of three days and two nights in Shenzhen Boerduo International Hotel from Sept. 11th to 13th, gathered more than 60 people from different regions and different companies in the business line of foreign trade.


        Ithe beginning of the first day, we had a very interesting development training for grouping and cooperation. In the following courses, we took courses from 6 teachers, Amy, Helen, Jack, Adil and so on. we not only got fully range, systematic theoretical knowledge of foreign trade, but also had some business operations practicing, at the same time, they also teached us the attitude and mentality to how to stick to this road.What's more, the most important part will be study for the purpose of application.We will believe that One is never too old to learn.So we must apply such knowledge into our reality to get in return.

        As one of thousands of foreign trader, we know that our country is developing and flourishing, but we should keep this in mind:" Made In China is not a so good fame for chinese manufacturing", so we are responsible for the Revitalization and The Rectification of Name for Made in China.This is our goal.Arctic dolphin, to be dutybound, striving for Made in China!